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Documentation Based Care (DBC) is a global leader in functional rehabilitation treatment protocols and equipment for musculoskeletal conditions. For almost two decades we have pioneered a growing national network of independently owned and operated multidisciplinary treatment centres with a definite goal: to provide the best possible care, as efficiently possible, with a focus on the cost benefit to the patient and funder.

About DBC

The DBC Active Spine and Shoulder Treatment System, used for treatment of long-term back, neck and shoulder problems was developed in Finland over the past 20 years. Today, the DBC network provides treatment in more than 22 countries on five continents, with an extensive network of treatment centres in South Africa.

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You can now enjoy access to the new eDBC Health App – the perfect companion to assist you along every step of your DBC journey. The App is available for download in both the Google Play store as well as the iOS App store. Subject to available benefits and Scheme rules.

eDBC App

Back & Neck programme

The DBC Back and Neck programme is based on a scientifically proven treatment protocol. This treatment protocol is applied worldwide to treat and manage back and neck conditions that often involve prolonged and severe pain.

If patients carry out controlled targeted exercises correctly, their muscle endurance, strength and range of motion improve. Pain can also be reduced, thanks to amongst others the reduction of fear and dispelling of common misconceptions regarding chronic pain. Benefits extend even to the most severe cases.

Two key elements are combined in the DBC functional rehabilitation programme: progressive physical conditioning and cognitive behavioural treatment.